Message from the Chair


Welcome to the Computer & Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department at Florida Atlantic University. I am proud to lead this young, energetic, and enthusiastic department, which is poised to become the "MIT of South Florida". Our department is one of the fastest growing departments in one of the fastest growing Universities in the United States. We currently have 1500 students majoring in several areas: computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering, bioengineering, and information engineering technology; 400 of these are graduate students. We are annually awarding approximately 250 Bachelor of Science degrees, about 50 Masters degrees, and 12 Ph.D. degrees.

Our faculty has very active research interests in software engineering, networking and communications, multimedia, VLSI design, mobile systems, computer architecture, distributed systems, database systems, internet engineering, digital signal processing, systems and robotics, electromagnetics and RF, and bioengineering. In the last two years, we generated more than two million dollars in sponsored research from the National Science Foundation (NSF), NASA, NIH, DOD, and many companies including Motorola, LexisNexis, RealNetworks, Pratt & Whitney, and IBM.

We are in the midst of hundreds of hi-tech companies, some that are firmly established and others that are getting started - this area is now referred to as the "e-Coast". Our Industry Advisory Board consists of technical leaders and executives from these companies, who support our efforts both in research and in teaching. Our NSF-sponsored Industry/University Cooperative Research Center is designed to strengthen our collaboration with local companies and provide a number of benefits to local industry.

In summary, our mission is to serve our community by providing a center for teaching excellence and becoming a major research department. I am very enthusiastic about leading the department in the coming years with the strong support of our dynamic faculty, hard working staff, and ambitious students.


Nurgun Erdol, Ph.D.
Department Chair and Professor